First Kent Raspberry Jam

First Kent Raspberry Jam

It was just a few days before the end of the year 2015 when I caught a short tweet on Twitter about an event here in Kent, UK. I live here for more than ten years and I heard about these events being held all arround the country. Place to meet other enthusiasts, hobbyists and mainly people young by age and also by soul. All these evenst are linked by one credit card size microcomputer given to whole world by this country: Raspberry Pi. All are also organized by huge number of volunteers but even though one can not say it can be found everywhere. If you have a look at worldwide map of these events you can say it is like that but only because it seems like as if the rest of the world simply does not enjoy this kind of fun at all. One of my main New Year's resolutions was to attend to few of Jams and write about them. So you can imagine how happy I was to find that one will be held just arround the corner, literally down the street.

Raspberry Pi Jam

I also contacted the organizer of The First Kent Raspberry Jam and asked her for an after-event conclusion and short interview. Bethanie Fentiman agreed so you can expect detailed report from the event and also an interview with this young lady as promissed. I will also translate whole thing to Slovak language (and also hopefully to Polish) and hope it will become an inspiration to prepare such an event in my home country or at least somewhere in Central Europe.

If there is someone of those who already attended Raspberry Jams anywhere else in past, could you please give me some clues and ideas what to focuse on and what to highlight the most. I will be very thankful.


Event Kent Raspberry Pi Jam

Gravesend Old Town Hall
High Street
DA11 0AZ

Date and time 30. January 2016, 10am
Organizer Bethanie Fentiman