About us

This web is dedicated to popularize understanding of small format computers, home automation, industrial automation and all connected to this. But all in all from DIY perspective of community of hobbyists, amateurs and professionals.
I live in UK for a long time. Two years ago I bought my first Raspberry Pi Model B and started to discover community emerged around this credit card size phenomenon. I found it very similar to what we had in my home country (Slovakia) before Berlin wall has fallen. Community of excited, very motivated hobbyists and amateurs with extremely limited resources (very well explained in this article by Martin Malý). This environment produced generation of enthusiasts behind official scene. All this is now almost gone. Abandoned. Those people are now in their fifties-sixties having very little number of successors. It is a shame.
Few weeks ago I read an article about Raspberry Pi Foundation opening school class in Estonia. I also tried to find some....any web pages in Slovak language focused to small factor computer enthusiasts but found only couple out dated. We are all living in countries with very similar history but dealing with our future very different ways. Slovak government is supporting study of IT and new technology systematically only for last couple of years. Using European Union funding it is all nice and shiny but without community to target it will eventually fail almost for sure.

PiCoBot and people behind it decided to change it. And not only in Slovakia. We would like not to create next forum based half-closed community or e-shop selling overpriced hardware and accessories. We would like to inform those enthusiasts in our countries who has little knowledge of foreign languages about what is going on in the world and also presenting ourselves to the world. Starting from kids in early state of their journey to discover new fields of computing, connecting amateurs and professionals in productive age and also crediting knowledge and experience of those remembering old days of dawn of computers and digital age.
I know that all this is very ambitious target but there is no other way if we as a Europe would like to stay in loop of rushing technology industry. Raspberry Pi Foundation has been established to enforce British ability to help produce technologically educated people for next generations. We would like to contribute the same way but without limiting our selves by nationality, technical or language knowledge.

Our firs goal is to provide translation of information from and to English language. To encourage Slovak nation to study and understand IT and also help them to present their ideas and projects to wider audience. We would also like to create community of regular contributors. We welcome all help in any way to fulfill our goals and especially to find new as this is not a project with strictly set lines.

So. Enough of propaganda. Start to work...