BETT Show 2016 - Raspberry Jam

BETT Show - Raspberry Jam

BETT Show 2016The very first thing I have spotted was, obviously, well English style organized queue of waiting visitors at the front of the gates to exhibition. I heard Babylon of languages there. Czech and Netherlands straight at the parking. Russian, German, Japanes and some more unknown to me later in the queue. I guess that English speaking were members of staff only there.


First Kent Raspberry Jam

First Kent Raspberry Jam
Raspberry Jam

It was just a few days before the end of the year 2015 when I caught a short tweet on Twitter about an event here in Kent, UK. I live here for more than ten years and I heard about these events being held all arround the country. Place to meet other enthusiasts, hobbyists and mainly people young by age and also by soul.


Raspberry Pi Robot


Martin's RobotToday Picobot would like to introduce one young student and enthusiast of robotics from Slovakia. Martin is about to present his early school project. It is very basic robot aimed mainly to beginners. It assumes that you already have your hardware ready and now trying to figure out how to make it work from the software prespective. This article is not meant to be a step-by-step guide. I choose to publish it to show you that hobby robotics is not limited by money or country of origin. And as I have been told by Martin, this was just the beginning and now he is working on something far more sofisticated and also commercional. And I believe that Picobot will be the first to show it to you. 


Market of small and micro computers for fun or embedded industrial use is continuously growing and putting on strength. Almost every big or small player would like to recreate success of Raspberry Pi so it is no surprise that the number or devices and supporting programs is growing. One of the latest kids in the gang is NanoPi made by FriendlyARM company. One of he biggest adventages of its two microcomputers (NanoPi and NanoPi2) is backward compactibility of GPIO pin set with Raspberry Pi Model B.

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This web will be dedicated to popularize understanding of small format computers, home automation, industrial automation and all connected to this. But all in all from DIY perspective of community of hobbyists, amateurs and professionals. I live in UK for a long time. Two years ago I bought my first Raspberry Pi Model B and started to discover community emerged around this credit card size phenomenon. I found it very similar to what we had in my home country (Slovakia) before Berlin wall has fallen.